Optimized for
on-demand Web3

Using Ignitions, game developers don't have to forcefully convert
non-crypto users and players.

Integrated marketplace

Our widget-based marketplace is extremely easy to integrate anywhere, in any game. Players can use it to browse, buy and sell NFTs on demand, while game developers can set a customizable service fee per transaction to unlock a new revenue generation method.

Ability to opt-in or out

Give control back to the users, allowing them to decide if they want to transition over to Web3 or not. This means players can experience games without connecting any wallets, and when they want to, the connection is seamless. We've designed everything to facilitate seamless transitions that incentivize players.

The most powerful wallet

Our widget-based wallet, like our marketplace, can be easily integrated with any game, allowing players to browse and manage their own Web3 assets (tokens and NFTs).

Wallet management

The powerful wallet widget allows crypto-savvy players to use Metamask and other self-custody solutions, while non-crypto-savvy players can set up managed wallets that allow instant and seamless onboarding without compromising user experience.

Detailed user history

We've also developed a widget-based history function that is easy to integrate and allows players to keep a record of all their Web3 transactions, airdrops and trades, along with their marketplace activities and in-game upgrades.

Developer-friendly SDK/API for your game

The technical core of our platform allows game developers to perform a wide set of operations and interact with blockchains in a completely transparent way without needing specialized knowledge.


The platform-optimized middle player can read & write information from and to the blockchain in real time, serving the needs of even the most demanding games.

Mint NFT collections and
Web3 tokens

Create new NFT collections on demand without the need to write or deploy any smart contracts. A game can have as many NFT collections as it needs so that it can implement all the in-game mechanics needed for a comprehensive Web3 player experience. The same applies to in-game currencies and tokens, which can be easily minted to unlock more monetization opportunities.

Want in-game digital assets and other blockchain features for your game?