Modular Web3 features for your game.

Robust and seamless

Our technology platform leverages the power of .NET and Node.js to deliver robust server-side programming capabilities, facilitating seamless execution of all operations.

Easily modified

With its plugin architecture, new functionality can be added or existing functionality can be modified without affecting the core application, making it easier to update and evolve the application over time.

Powered by AWS

Hosted on AWS, utilizing a range of services such as EC2, Lambdas, S3 buckets, and an API gateway, and more, the system is secured by both WAF and AWS Shield, ensuring robustness, security, scalability and performance.

Secure data storage

The system employs Postgres and DynamoDB for efficient, secure and fast data storage.

Easy distribution

The web widgets, built using React, are globally distributed on over 400 locations with AWS Cloudfront and protected by a WAF for added security and DDos protection.

Pipeline management

Our solution utilizes a dual web3 RPC provider approach, providing a robust backup mechanism in the event of any service disruptions or failures.

Need to know more?

For technical documentation regarding our API, please click here.

Modular, scalable, and revertible.

Our platform allows game developers to pick and choose Web3 features and functionality that meet their specific requirements.

Want in-game digital assets and other blockchain features for your game?