Why use Ignitions?

The only Web3 infrastructure platform you need to add on-demand blockchain functionality and features to your games.

No Blockchain or Web3 knowledge needed

Game developers require no prior blockchain or web3 knowledge/experience to integrate our plug-and-play platform.

Cost-efficient for developers & players

Internal platform optimizations ensure that unnecessary blockchain interactions are completely avoided, resulting in significant cost savings for developers and players.

Fast and easy development cycles

With our full-service solution, game developers can enjoy fast and easy development cycles without having to dig deep into blockchain technology, smart contracts and more.

Seamless onboarding for non-crypto gamers

By removing the friction from mandatory blockchain interactions, our platform puts blockchain technology in the background, allowing for quick and easy onboarding of non-crypto-savvy gamers.

Unlock new, blockchain-based monetization models

Enabling Web3 features allows developers to unlock entirely new blockchain-based monetization channels, such as the issuance of digital collectibles and providing marketplaces for them.

Receive ongoing support from our experts

Our in-house team of experts will continue to provide technical and advisory support to game developers who use our platform, allowing them to move ahead in the blockchain space with confidence.

Want in-game digital assets and other blockchain features for your game?